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...inequality in the United States is literally off the charts!

A great article to check out:

US Inequality Now Literally Off the Chart

Following is an excerpt:

...It is well known that the level of income inequality stretches much higher in the United States than in the other developed countries of Europe and North America. Now a report from the International Labour Organization shows that U.S. inequality has literally gone off the chart.

Income inequality in the United States is soaring so high, in fact, that the authors of the ILO’s new 2013 World of Work report couldn’t even place the United States on the same graph with the other 25 developed countries their new study examines. ...



A Great Blog for Book Lovers!

If you love, love, love to read and would like learn about authors and books you aren't familiar with, check out Dave Astor's blog at The Huffington Post:

You can sign up for updates and find out all kinds of interesting things about books, books, books and the authors who write them.

Dave is a friend and colleague.  He was syndicate editor at Editor and Publisher magazine for many years.  Cartoonists, columnists and even syndicate executives had great respect for Dave because he was eminently fair in his coverage of industry issues, always probed deeply and asked great questions when doing interviews and seemed to totally love his job.  Now I'm enjoying Dave's blog - he is a walking library about books! 

Dave is the author of a memoir Comic (and Column) Confessional (Xenos Press, July 2012). Dave chronicles his years covering cartoonists, columnists, and other celebrities for Editor & Publisher magazine.  Will write about it soon.






Putting an end to hydrofracking should be the mother of all no-brainers.  We all need water to survive, for crying out loud!  Fortunately there are many thousands of people who oppose hydrofracking and are fighting hard to win this fight.  To learn more and throw your two cents in, sign up to receive emails from Food and Water Watch at:  And even if you don't live in New York State, check out New Yorkers Against Fracking at:  If we can ban hydrofracking here, it can set a precedent for other states to do the same. 


Yet another reason to say to hell with being well-behaved!